Care and support services

Lady resting, reading a book in the park.
Lady resting, reading a book in the park.

The role of the Community Care Department is to provide the care and support services you need to live as safely and independently as you can and live in your own home, for as long as possible.

This can include things like home care, provision of a carer or health visitor.

If you are a carer you are entitled to help and support.

If you are unable to live safely at home then you can choose care- or nursing homes.

The Community Care Department can answer your questions about care for older people and people with disabilities of all ages.

You can also get in touch with the district office in your area. There are three district offices.

  • District office North
  • District office Centre
  • District office South

Call the switchboard on 011-15 00 00 and ask to be put through to your district office.

Adults with physical disabilities

If you have a disability you can receive help and support from the Community Care Department.

A health visitor or specialist consultant is available to help you to get the support you need.

That could be:

  • adaptations to your home or specialist equipment to help you cope with a disability
  • provision of a carer
  • provision of a signer
  • help in accessing community activities

Contact the community care department on 011-15 00 00 for more information.

Social services

Norrköping residents and visitors can receive help and support when life takes a turn for the worse.

The Municipality of Norrköping provides support services for those who are alcohol or drug dependent; when you are facing difficulties within the family; and of course for children who are having troubles.

To receive help you can speak to a social welfare secretary at your Local Social Services Office.

If you need financial help you can speak to your Local Social Assistance Office.

Call Norrköping’s switchboard on 011-15 00 00 and ask to be put through to the office you need. Or contact them by e-mail directly to:


Norrköpings kommun
601 81 Norrköping

Tel +46 11 15 00 00

Contact us


Health and dental care

The County Council of Östergötland (switchboard 010-103 00 00) is responsible for all health care and dental care in Norrköping.

Health advice

If you need health advice any time of day or night please call the Health Line on 1177.

Call 112

In the case of an emergency call 112 for ambulance, police and fire services.

Crisis Plan