Political control

The municipal council is a popularly elected policy-making body. The municipal council establishes the goals which are the guiding principles for the municipality’s activities.

The municipal council consists of politicians from the various political parties. At every election, Norrköping residents vote for the party they would like to have authority.

85 politicians make up the municipal council. The number of politicians from each political party in the council is dependent on the amount of votes each party receives.

This is how Norrköping’s municipal council is made up for the moment:

  • The Social Democratic Party has 31 politicians
  • The Conservative Party has 24 politicians
  • The Sweden Democrats has 10 politicians
  • The Liberal Party has 6 politicians
  • The Green Party has 5 politicians
  • The Left Party has 5 politicians
  • The Christian Democratic Party has 4 politicians
  • The Centre Party has 4 politicians

The politicians in the municipal council meet once a month. The chairperson is Louise Malmström from the Social Democratic Party.

You can be part of the decision-making process

All Norrköping residents have the opportunity to be part of the decision-making process. This is an important part of democracy. Democracy means power to the people.

The dates of the municipal council’s meetings are published in the local newspapers. The agenda is also printed. There is often question-time before the meeting starts where everyone can ask questions. Once the meeting begins, the public then listens.

You can contact your politicians directly. You can also invite them to your meetings if you are a member of an association. If you attend school, your class can also invite your local politician to visit.


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