Culture and leisure

Norrköping offers a rich combination of culture, sports, outdoor recreation and countryside delights.

We heartily recommend world-class music performed by the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and plays from Sweden's largest county theatre, Östgötateatern.


The Norrköping Museum of Art is classed as having one of the country´s best collections of Swedish Modernism while the Museum of Work exhibits industrial history, evolution and the development of Sweden over the years.


Norrköping has one City Library situated in the town centre where you can borrow books, CDs and films as well as read newspapers and magazines from all over the world. You can also use the computers free of charge.

There are eight smaller district libraries located around Norrköping.

Sport and leisure


Boy bathing.

There are a number of sports and leisure centres in Norrköping.

At "Centralbadet" there are both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Indoor pools are also found in Skärblacka, Råssla och Åby.

In addition to swimming pools there are a great many lakes with swimming areas.

Fishing in the Motala River

Fishing in the city.
Fishing in the city.

It is possible to fish in the Motala River but you must first of all buy a fishing licence. If you are under 17 years old you can fish for free.

You can buy the fishing licence at the Sport Fishing Centre located at Refvens grund. Ring 011-18 73 57 to get some more information.

Norrköping’s Nature reserves

Norrköping municipality takes an active stand in nature conservation. We have many nature reserves and we offer numerous excursions with or without a guide.

Another way of enjoying the countryside is with trips organised by Ekoturen – the environment and nature bus.

Please contact the Technical Services Department on 011-15 00 00 for more information.


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