Energy - Heat pump facility

The permit pertains to


Establishing a heat pump facility for the extraction of heat from the ground, surface water or ground water.

Information about the permit

If you want to establish a heat pump facility for the extraction of heat from the ground, surface water or groundwater, you must report it to the municipal environmental health committee. In some cases i.e. within a drinkingwater protection area you need a permit.

Permit issuer and inspection

Issuer and supervisor are the Byggnads och miljöskyddsnämnden authority, section Miljö- och hälsoskydd at the municipality of Norrköping

How to apply

You must apply in advance. Contact Miljö- och Hälsoskydd for more information and the estimated time to get a permit.

Phone 0046-11-15 13 20 or send an e-mail to

Environmental Hazardous Enterprise

If your heat pump has  a capacity exceeding 100 kW you are obliged to report it as an Environmentally Hazardous Activity to Miljö- och hälsoskydd. Contact them for more information, phone nr 0046-11 15 60 60


There is a registration fee set by the municipality of Norrköping

Certified drillers only

After January 1, 2009 only certified drillers are allowed to make heat pump pits in Norrköping.

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