Energy - Heat pump facility

The permit pertains to


Establishing a heat pump facility for the extraction of heat from the ground, surface water or ground water.

Information about the permit

If you want to establish a heat pump facility for the extraction of heat from the ground, surface water or groundwater, you must report it to the municipal environmental health committee. In some cases i.e. within a drinkingwater protection area you need a permit.

Permit issuer and inspection

Issuer and supervisor are the Byggnads och miljöskyddsnämnden authority, section Miljö- och hälsoskydd at the municipality of Norrköping

How to apply

You must apply in advance. Contact Miljö- och Hälsoskydd for more information and the estimated time to get a permit.

Phone 0046-11-15 13 20 or send an e-mail to

Environmental Hazardous Enterprise

If your heat pump has  a capacity exceeding 100 kW you are obliged to report it as an Environmentally Hazardous Activity to Miljö- och hälsoskydd. Contact them for more information, phone nr 0046-11 15 60 60


There is a registration fee set by the municipality of Norrköping

Certified drillers only

After January 1, 2009 only certified drillers are allowed to make heat pump pits in Norrköping.

Senast ändrad december 2014


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