The Environmental Health Authority of Norrköping Council is the regulating authority for activities that can have the potential to have impact on or pollute the environment in our community (air, land, water and noise).

The regulation covers a wide range of areas such as

  • Release of pollutants from traffic, businesses, sewerage systems, agriculture etc
  • The use and sale of chemicals
  • Ensuring that food and drinking water is safe and licensing food premises
  • Human health issues, including the indoor environment at home and the water quality at outdoor swimming locations.

You can contact the Environmental Health Authority on 0046 11 15 60 60 or at byggomiljokontoret@norrkoping.se.

Taking care of nature is known as nature conservation. The nature reserves of exceptional value need to be protected extra vigilantly. This responsibility lies with the Technical Services Department.

Recycling stations and recycling centres make waste recycling easy

The municipality of Norrköping makes sure that your household waste are collected and treated in a sustainable way. All waste is not supposed to be thrown in the ordinary garbage bin for combustible waste. Newspaper and packaging made of paper, plastic, glass and metal are to be source separated and handed to a recycling station or, if you live in an apartment block, in your recycling house. The producers of newspapers and packaging are responsible for the collection and recycling of these products.

Toxic waste is especially important to be source separated. Your toxic waste is to be handed to a recycling centre. The recycling centres in Norrköping are called Returpunkter. Toxic waste is e.g. rests of oils, paint, solvents, chemicals, glue and batteries. Medicine rests are also toxic, and should be handed to the pharmacy. At Returpunkten you can also hand in your electrical waste and your bulky waste. There are four recycling centres in Norrköping. You find them at Stohagsgatan, in Åby, in Östra Husby and in Skärblacka.

In the municipality of Norrköping you also have the possibility to source separate your organic waste. The organic waste is biologically treated to compost or biogas.

Sweden has a deposit system

Sweden uses a deposit system for certain glass and plastic bottles and cans. You can receive a refund when you return the containers to any supermarket and put them through the recycling machines. Look for the "Pant" sign on beverage containers.


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