Children and education

Play at a municipal nursery school.
Play at a municipal nursery school.

The Municipality of Norrköping provides the services of around 90 municipal nursery schools, as well as baby cafés, registered child-minding homes and day nurseries. There are also 25 private nursery schools run as either parent cooperatives, associations or foundations. Nurseries welcome children between 0-5 years of age and registration is not compulsory.

In Norrköping we have about 60 municipal schools which provide the 10-year compulsory education programme as well as four upper secondary schools. We also have special schools which deliver specific training and support for children with physical and mental disabilities.

Norrköping also offers a number of independent compulsory education and upper secondary schools which are self-governing.

Komvux is the municipal adult education institution which provides education corresponding to the last three forms of primary school and all secondary schooling. In addition, there are special vocational training courses available as well as SFI, Swedish for Immigrants.

Contact the Department of Education

The Department of Education can answer your questions about schooling.

You can also get in touch with the district office in your area. There are three district offices:

  • District office North
  • District office Centre
  • District office South

Ring the switchboard on 011-15 00 00 and ask to be put through to your district office, or e-mail:

The University Campus in Norrköping

Norrköping is a town in constant transformation. It’s in the soul of the town and expresses itself in many different ways. In the past, Norrköping was an industrial town. Now creative, knowledge-driven enterprise is taking off, a process driven by our outstanding university, Campus Norrköping, which is our part of Linköping University. 

Linköping University has a student population of about 30 000. At Campus Norrköping there are around 5 500 students reading courses and programmes in four faculties: Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences, Educational Sciences and the Institute of Technology. These faculties are responsible for education at basic and advanced level, PhD training and research. At Campus Norrköping you can graduate as a teacher, engineer, media producer or nurse amongst other vocations.

Campus Norrköping has played a major role in the development of Norrköping as a knowledge centre. Now we are reaping the benefits in the form of strong research in visualization and media technology, and a number of young entrepreneurs and innovative companies making their mark on Norrköping. We are rapidly advancing towards a knowledge and creativity-driven business climate, where only the boldness of ideas sets the limits.

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